January 4, 2014

My experience at Siloso Beach Party 2013

2014, actually kicked off with a countdown party held at Sentosa Beach. Remember the media preview that Qin Pin and I attended a few weeks back? For the actual countdown party, I brought Joyner along with me to party! Was also told to actually dressed in a beach wear attire because you are ought to get wet (if you are lucky enough to avoid). This year the countdown attracted over 18,000 and it is also considered as one of the Asia's largest beach countdown event! It was definitely memorable because it was also a paint party where they would splash paint at you (provided if you entered the paint zone).

Every year for New Year's Eve, I would be at home alone counting down but this year I decided to go out for some fun to see what it is like for me to experience the countdown outside! The studding crowded that turned up for the event wasn't disappoining and everyone had so much fun! 

Joyner & I ready to party! 

Unfortunately, I did not brought my DSLR out, put phone quality was good enough! Because it was risky as it was a beach party event and I don't wanna misplace my things! So the lighter you bring, the more convenient it is for you!

They invited over 20 international and local DJs brought their 18,000-strong audience through 12 hours of good music, food, drinks and company across the five party zones, all at Siloso Beach Party. It was truly a successful event as the drew so much crowd! The passes also entitles you to enter various zones such as C Side (Coastes, Bikini Bar & Sandbar), Azura Beach Club, Mambo, Wave House Sentosa, and the Main Arena (where the main party was held.)

Couldn't express my thoughts here, but I LOVE THE FOAM PARTY! I mean it was like entering a zone where there were massive amount of foam being splashed onto you. Thank god there were shower areas for you to wash off the foam, so I didn't have to worry if I forgotten to bring my extra towel. It was one of my favourite and I really hope that they will bring it back this year so I would call all my friends to come! It was really fun because inside the foam zone, everybody was dancing around and playing with the foam. I even saw someone lying down on the ground and letting the all the foam cover his entire body!

Hahaha love the lady with pink hair! Everyone was so hyper (moments before the clock strike 12).

and also manage to instavideo down a few moments of the fireworks segment! It was BEAUTIFUL!

So my 2014 started pretty awesome and I enjoyed myself at the Siloso Beach Party event as it was one of a kind of experiences that wouldn't expect it to turn out to be! Thank you for the generous invitation and the countdown party was truly a blast! I'll be definitely looking forward for this year end's countdown event!

If you attended the event and want to search of your photos here please visit:

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