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Places to Avoid & Good Study Places in Singapore!

I'm sure many of you guys would be interested to read this blogpost because I'm also a student myself and I also have a hard time trying to find places to just sit down quietly and study. Especially crucial periods like closer to the examination periods where MOST of the libraries would most likely be congested and packed with students. It's definitely a challenge to be able to find a conducive environment to just sit down and relax. At times you would be just distracted with things like food (highly dangerous to me) and yeah.. I would just go out of mind and my brain would completely stop function because nothing will go into my head lol.

Here are some over-used places that you should probably avoid now! (Will try to update frequently)

These are just my honest opinions and my real experiences, if there are anything wrong, please email me to justify matters! Or if you have any good suggestions! I'm most welcomed for comments!


Used to be one of the most POPULAR studying spots in Singapore. Even till today, especially Terminal 3, I see students taking the seats at Starbucks and beside is Dunkin Donuts. You will also see students there too. Basically, the airport has become a common studying spot for students like us and at times I wanted to just head there to study, I would have a hard time finding a seat for myself. Don't even think of going to the food court or popeye's to study. Trust me, I couldn't really focus because of the noise around. Starting to the matter of fact, these are all food places and meant for customers to dine. So in my honest opinion, please try to avoid the airport if you wanna find a QUIET place to study. I'm not really sure if they will request the students to leave the place but it has been a "culture" between us students to do this. Not forgetting you will also see people's faces staring at you like "eh, why you come here study? don't take up all the seats leh. It's meant for customers you know." Honestly, if you really want to "zuo ren", you should at least buy a drink / food item from the store bah? Anyways, the airport has transformed into a family friendly place where you can shop and dine at the same time! So choose wisely alright! Last thing I knew, the Subway at the basement of T3 Airport pasted a sticker onto their tables indicating that no studying is allowed in their shop.


This is just another tip by me, I usually will meet up only with a friend or two to study for my exams. Or even better, ALONE. Why? because I will end up getting into conversations with them and we will talk non-stop. Which all brings to conclusion, you end not blaming yourself for not studying because you were to unfocused with talking with your friends. So the best is to study alone by yourself, trust me. It really works for me. and one more thing, IT'S NOT WEIRD TO STUDY ALONE. It's not wrong to go in groups lah, but if you can prove that you really can study. Then why not? Another advantages of having friends around is also you can help each other out in school work. Rather than texting your teachers/lecturers for help through text messages.


I feel that it is one of the most conducive environment to study after school. Usually students will be going back home and you would be at school and trust me, confirm have places for you and you do not have to worry that you cannot find a place to study. If you are in poly, then you might want to consider staying back after school. I'm sure you will be able to find a vacant and quiet place to study.


If you can prove that you can really study at home without any distractions from your computer then go ahead and lock yourself in the room. But also please remember to periodically take regular breaks while studying because trust me, you will go out of your mind. Problems with me studying at home is probably the noise and surrounding around me. When I'm at home, I will tend to procrastinate and tell myself this "Aiya, I'll study an hour later, then subsequently an hour is delayed after another". I'll end up only studying for 2 hours and wa-la back my books and use my lappy or sleep. I love to study around 3PM to around 830PM?! I feel that it's one of the best timings, provided if you don't have a heavy lunch at 12PM, if not you will feel sleepy and will probably crave for more food! :x


My favourite studying area is Bugis Library okay la the corrent name for it is National Library (does that make a difference, I'll still call it as Bugis Library to avoid confusion! You know the mega-libary just opposite Bugis+ and beside Bugis Junction! Ah! I usually will go to their designated studying area located at level 5! And it's forever packed, so you will need to go there early. Try to avoid going in groups and go by yourself (I still think that studying individually will be more productive la). Why Bugis Library? They won't chase you away and you can sit there the entire day to study also can. Actually I also see laptop-powerpoint hoggers over there! They will just plug their laptop and leave it there the entire day. (Sometimes I even wonder if they consider that place as their permanent work station.) The time where there would be the most crowd is usually 3PM-4PM. Try to avoid going at that time because you won't be able to find a place to sit down. It's definitely a perfect and conducive place to study + IT'S QUIET! Studying will definitely be more efficient for you. OH YA, YOU ARE ALSO ALLOWED TO CONSUME FOOD AT THE STUDY AREA! HOW COOL IS THAT! HAHAHA! Other than being able to dine + study, you will also have nice scenery to look at *adds dramatic music* ! I usually will bring snacks like bread, or tabao my Starbucks over! If you intend to study the entire day, please come early and chop a seat for yourself because it's first come first serve! LOL! Goodluck!

Basically this is what happens when you study too much and decided to burn midnight oil the night before just to finish up your work and then the next day camping at places that have powerpoint areas the entire day! Trust me, it won't work for me because I've tried this and personally felt that NOTHING is going inside my head and couldn't type a good report. Just remember to take constant breaks every 30-45mins! Trust me it works! Just a random question, but I always wanted to ask if you guys out there will get a headache if you don't sleep well the night before?!

So that sums up whatever things I could think off in a nutshell! I also need to take a chill pill from rushing my reports! I will try to update this post more often so you guys can keep track of the good places to study! 


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