March 17, 2014

My experience at Genki Sushi (Orchard Central)

Sometimes we all deserve a break and go out and have some good food! I recently met up with Regine for a late lunch date! I have been wanting to visit Genki Sushi for a very long time! I was attracted by the "Bullet Train System"!! Cos I see people post on instagram then it tempted me to come and try too! It's so cool to see your sushi served in a bullet train! It's a once in a life time experience at such a high-tech Japanese Restaurant. What's best about this place, you would probably be expecting the price to be slightly higher but it's actually at pocket friendly prices. They are relatively affordable raging from $2.30 - $5.30 for a plate of sushi! Also cos the location is at Orchard Road, you would probably think that the prices are all at premium range! They also have plenty of food choices which requires you to order from their iPad. 

You know the excitement while anticipating for your food to come!
 *Getting your phone ready for instavideo*

After you are seated, you would be handed an iPad to order the food that you want.
*Here's a tip, please select carefully* because once you submitted the order, you cannot cancel the order any more!!! The steps are very simple to order but it's quite tedious when I have to click on the next button to browse the other food and go back again. I can be very indecisive when making decisions. Thus, I would strongly prefer if they just give me an entire list of menu to choose or ask me to indicate the code number of the item that I want. I believe that it would be more time-consuming! 

My fatigue face with only less than 5 hours of sleep a day because of my assignments. 

We ordered quite a decent amount of food!  

Here comes our food!!! Yummmms! My long awaited salmon! 

Additionally, they also have a lottery game for you to play! Unfortunately, we didn't win anything! 
I can imagine if I won 10 plates of sashimi *dreaming* hahahaha! 

Salmon Sushi filled with Mayo 

Hald-Cooked Salmon Sushi

Hana Sushi 

Lobster Salad Sushi

Salmon Sushi

Fried Tofu

Wah! I would love to come back again! It's a suitable dining location if you want to have a light meal, (still depends on how many items you order). Quality is up there and i'm satisfied with the price I paid after that. I strongly recommend the fried tofu, Half Cooked Salmon Sushi & their Sashimi! 

Genki Sushi 
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central (Beside Somerset 313)

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