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Cineleisure Next Online Sensation: A Huge Thank You! (Challenge 3)

On behalf of Team #YOLOSWAGHEORES (Natalie, Regine and I), we would like to thank everyone for showing their kindness and support by visiting our booth last Saturday. If you are unaware, there was an event held by Cathay Organization where #CNOS3 Bloggers were required to set up a booth selling items to raise funds for the SPCA. ( Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). In my personal experience, I felt like I finally accomplished something because I finally done something good which is beneficial for the society! *Ticks off checklist for my new year resolutions*

Together with the entire #CNOS3 Family, we raised a total of more than $1800!!
*APPLAUSE APPLAUSE for everyone's hardwork and time!!*

Feel like I should take this opportunity to thank every single one of you that came down and gave me the lime light to carry on!

After further discussion with my group members, we decided to maximize our own resources and use something that we already have which was my ringlight! We were basically going to set up a ringlight photo booth and let customers use our ringlight. We came up with this idea because many people have always wanted to experiment with a ringlight which is something many bloggers and photographers use. The outcome of the photos are really pretty and there will be a gorgeous ring shape effect around their eyes thus we decided to carry out this idea to let our customers have a first hand experience of how ringlight photography works.

 Customers would get complimentary usage of our ringlight if they purchase ANY products from our shop. Subsequently, if they do not feel like buying any items, they could simply pay $2 for One Shot and also $5 for 7 Shots of photos taken by a professional camera.

Advertising campaigns were also launched on 3 of our individual instagram accounts to raise awareness about the event and hoping that our friends, readers and relatives would come down and support us!

I've got to honestly admit that it wasn't easy to make a simple poster / campaign ad because you need to make sure it is attractive enough to convince people to come and also catch their attention.

A day before the Local Heroes Sales, Regine and I met up together to purchase decorations for our booth to make sure that our booth will look attractive so that when customer passes by they will come and support us! We also made a DIY Banner by using marker and a large piece of hot pink sheet. Many hours were spent on designing the board and also fixing our portable backdrop for our ringlight.

Ringlight coupons all prepared to distribute to our customers!

We also bought additional props for the photobooth!

We purchased the carrier bags just in case they didn't provide them during the event. Additionally, we also wrote our team name, Yolo Swag Heroes on the bags so it's like a personalized carrier bags and people will know that the person bought the item from our shop. In this way, it looks more atas like shopping bags with names XD!

{ TIP 1 }

Always think ahead about what are your primary resources and also have a back up plan!
You may not know how important an item is (Eg. Cashier Box, Carrier Bags) until you need it! Therefore, I would suggest you to write down a list of items (During Planning) that you need and make it into a checklist so you won't miss out anything in your hands!

{ TIP 2 }

Probably one of the most important tool ever! Especially when you are setting up a bazaar sale / flea market. I don't know how to emphasize the importance of managing your purchasing power with the given amount of money but you must always place BUDGETING and FINANCE on top of your list because you need to be mindful about the items you are going to buy and whether if the item is able to sell to the customers or not. Should you buy too much or too little? Therefore you need to be SELECTIVE when choosing and all these must be planned accordingly before the actual event begins!

Additionally, we were allowed to bring other items to sell but the profit must be donated to the SPCA. I offered up my box of mustache rings bought specially from Shanghai! Decided to sell it to raise funds for a cause :)

Incase if you are too lazy to read, I've compiled my reflections inside this video! Do watch it too okay :D

{ TIP 3 }

We all had a rough start at the beginning because there were no sales thus we needed a way to heighten the atmosphere and inform everyone that there was a charity sales at the basement. So I teamed up with another team to walk around the mall to advertise our campaign with our banner, products and boards! Our main objective was to draw as many crowd to the basement!

It was exhausting as we were walking around Cinelesiure to tell people to come down to the basement and support us! It was kinda crazy and enjoyable as I wasn't doing this alone. I'm thankful for the support of other contestants that were willing to lend me an extra hand by offering their help!!


The bangles were bought from Beadstreet! We were selling them off at $5 per set, many customers thought that it was very value for money because you could mix and match with different bangles! Hence, it was a great deal for them! Unfortunately, we could have bought more but it was a risk of decision to buy more because we were afraid we won't be able to sell them off and will lead to wastage of money resources. I believe that every item do cost a decent amount (makes a difference between profit and loss) of money and should not be spent unnecessarily!

Our moustache rings were selling like hotcakes too! I could recall that a customer bought 6 rings at once at different colours. We were making a profit because we were selling $3 per ring. These rings are particularly popular within the crowd!

I'm glad that my Ah Yi (Aunt) came down all the way from the West to come and visit me when I told her that my sales was struggling at the beginning. She came down on the spot to come and give me morale support and also bought a few items from my booth. I'm really touched and I feel very blessed to have her around with me. I'm really thankful and the feeling is indescribable when you have someone who is always very supportive and concerned in whatever you are doing :")

Special thanks to NETS for being so generous for sponsoring each of the #CNOS3 Teams $300.

Q: What are the perks and benefits of using the NETS YONO FLASH PAY? 

From the tagline stated on the card, you may wish to know that this card allows you to use it for many purposes! It allows you to make payments by just tapping on the NETS machine conveniently. Without any hassle, the amount would automatically be deducted! Additionally, majority of the retail stores at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard have already installed the new NETS Machine so you can don't have to worry about withdrawing money at the ATM if you do not have cash as you can pay by the card alternatively.

This is a multi-functional card and I feel like it can really save a lot of your valuable time! Imagine having so many cards in your wallet and needing to find a specific card just to pay for the item. Did you also know that the amount can be topped up according to your preferences. The card can be also used as an E-zlink Card. For clumsy people like me that always misplace all his cards, this would be very useful for me because it is an ALL-IN-ONE card. I just need to make sure that I won't lose it!

[ TIP 4 ] 

If you are a spendthrift like me, this card has a way of limiting your expenses. You can choose to top up a limited amount of money thus it prevents you from overspending.

 For people like me, if I withdraw cash from the ATM, I would probably just spend it all on food. Therefore, I would prefer to use a flash pay card to solve all my problems.

For more information you may wish to find out at:

After reading this post, if you feel like helping the animals in the SPCA, you can do your part by accessing onto their website because they have an online submission forms that particularly allows you to select the amount that you may wish to donate, you can also offer up a dedication to the lovely animals upon donating.


Choose a desired amount you wish to donate :)

If you do not wish to donate but still want to help out at the SPCA. You could also sign up as a volunteer to do a good deed! Probably the option for students because we are not working adults yet!


Photo Taken From:

A wide vary of volunteering positions for you to select! I prefer to choose the ones that I'm most comfortable with! But to keep in mind that you need to be ABOVE 17 YEARS OLD and you must be able to commit for at least 4 months in service to the SPCA!

Lastly, fill up your particulars and wait for a favourable reply!

For more information you can find out here:


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