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Cineleisure Next Online Sensation: Selfie Of The Month


Q1 : Do you like taking photos of yourself? 

Q2: Do you have what it takes to become the King and Queen of #selfies and hashtags? 

Q3: Do you ever dream of appearing on a lager than life size poster? Where everyone that passes by can see your face? *Stares with shiny eyes*

If you answered yes for all of the questions above, I have something interesting to share with you guys! Cathay Lifestyle is giving you a chance to shine like a star! You can now stand a chance to appear on the walls of Cathay Organization Malls (Cineleisure / The Grand Cathay) by doing what you like to do the most!!! 


Many people often mistaken that I'm a food blogger so I don't take photos of myself but that's wrong! I have an interest in taking selfies too! Did you know that I started becoming very "zi lian" a.k.a vain during my secondary school days and my classmates/relatives cannot tahan me (up to the extend that they wanted to confiscate my phone) cos I keep taking photos of myself. I mean who wouldn't love themselves?! Selfies are obviously much more better then having someone to help you take your photo! (Cos you will look differently compared to a regular selfie)



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STEP 2: 
Take a very chio or handsome photo of yourself! Remember to edit nice nice hor! Because who knows they might pick your photo and you might be the lucky one to appear on the walls of Cineleisure! 

STEP 3: 
Hashtag #tehpengsibeisteady and also #cathaylifestyle_SOTM
Remember to tag @cathaylifestyle 

The hashtags are very important because it determines if you will be eligible for the selfie contest or not. Please do note that your account has to be public and not private if not we can't see your entries!

Step 4:
Cross fingers and await to receive good news from the management! 

Now I wonder if I'm allowed to join this selfie contest using my own hashtag too!! So what are you waiting for? It wouldn't take a lot of time to take a random selfie of yourself (unless you take forever to edit your photo)!! Best of luck!! 

For more questions you may wish to find out you can contact me directly or also check out Cathay Lifestyle's Facebook Page:


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