May 3, 2014

My experience at Malaysia Local Delights - Lok Lok (Tanjong Katong)

Are you getting sick and tired of having steamboat or mookata all the time with your friends? My clique and I decided to go for a change by trying out Lok Lok buffet located at Tanjong Katong. Hmmm? Surprising to you right? Cos only Malaysia sells Lok Lok (I know Taiwan and Japan got sell but theres a different name for it!). FYI, if you are wondering what is Lok lok, it is actually a very over-whemlimg local street food delight in Malaysia. If you travel to JB often for supper, then Lok lok should be no stranger to you. 

This place is so accessable as there are so many buses to get to this location. Such as Bus 31 (From Tamp), 43, 76, 135, 197, 10 and many more buses! 

The name of the shop is called Malaysia Local Delights Restaurant. Besides the Lok lok buffet they have, they also serve normal zi char dishes such as the popular KL Hokkien Mee (my favourite!!), Malaysia Otah (super generous serving) and many more! Well, I think most of the customers come here for the Lok Lok buffet. Hence, one negative point at this restaurant is you will only experience the steamboat style of cooking your own lok lok but not the BBQ grilled ones! However, plus points for being one of the first restaurants to bring in Lok Lok to Singapore! Now I do not have to travel to JB to eat! 

*Checks off my list, a new place for supper*

There's a durian stall near-by so if you still feel hungry after supper/dinner, you can go enjoy the king of fruits! Yums!! 

Ambience is just right, cleanliness is about 3.5/5. Thoughtful of having fans surrounded around the area so you won't feel humid at all. *Thumbs Up* 

Like what I said, you can come here for supper too! They close at 2.30am!! Now if you have any midnight cravings, this is gonna be the right place for you!

Photo with Jasmine with my crossed-eye face!

Peck Fern and Krystal! My two awesome food buddies!

Menu offers more than 5 choices of soup base. (Warning for Mala because it's really very spicy!) However, if you like to eat spicy stuff, then you will like it very much! I selected the chicken soup and Mala! You will be allowed to pick up to 2 soup base! They are refillable. The total cost of per person for this buffet was $26.50 (includes free flow of drinks and desserts.) At first I thought it was costly, but after finishing the meal I thought the price was reasonable and I would definitely come back again. With the amount of Lok Lok you can eat, it will be value for money.

 Quite a decent amount of fried food to choose. I recommend the fishcake & fried you tiao!

For raw food, there are a vary of choices. I recommend the prawns (they actually have two types of prawns, one is they already peeled for you and another not, so it really depends on you if you are concerned with hygiene, if you are a lazy person like me then just go with the one that is peeled for you already.) I also like the quail eggs (don't eat too much high cholesterol la), marinated chicken, meatballs, button mushrooms, japanese mushrooms. Overall, there are quite an amount of choices for you to pick but I strongly urge you to take minimal portions for each first before you take more. Some of the items you might not like after a first few bites, like the sausage that I ate. It's not that bad but it didn't suit my likings. This way you won't waste food too!

Prawns - 4/5

Pork Belly - 3.5/5, Mushrooms 4.5/5

What's Cooking?!! See what I meant about the Mala soup being so SPICY!!

I was addicted the prawns! I guess it's my favourite! *Yums*

Chicken - 4/5

Beef - 2.5/5

Hahahah! Are you eyes burning?!?! I felt that way too!

They have noodles, tang hoon, seafood and many more choices!

Malaysian Local Delights  
224 Tanjong Katong Road   
Tel: 6440 8378 (I didn't made a reservation!!) 


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