August 18, 2014

My trip to Japan, Niigata - (Day 1)

As the title speaks, I'm going to blog about my trip to Niigata, Japan. No, it wasn't for leisure but it was for my Overseas Industrial Attachment. Of course there are a few people I have to thank to make this trip possible are my loved ones which I will not name them out because I would like to keep things confidential. I began Japanese language classes in April and as time passes by, we were tasked to memorise some pick up lines so we will be able to communicate in Japan. Selection of the companies that I was attached too was also picked by the school according to our capabilities and skills we learn in school. 

I would also like to thank my school for sending me to Japan because it has always been my dream to visit Japan since young, what's best is I'm able to pick up new skills and be expose to their working culture. As you know Japanese are very patient and efficient in their work. Me going there would definitely be an eye-opener for me.

Initially, I was going to take SIA to Japan but however, we couldn't because they do not fly to Niigata directly. (An alternative way was to fly to Tokyo, then take a train down but it was also time consuming). Hence, we took Korean Air and transited at Incheon International Airport. Picture above me is my holding the new Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe at Changi Airport! It was past midnight, and I needed to keep myself awake! I was also quite drained out because I went to school in the morning to finish all up my proposals before I could happily go for my attachment. 

I arrived at Korea around 8am in the morning but I needed to wait for 12 hours at the airport for my next flight to Niigata. It seems like the airport is filled with many awesome facilities such as a sleeping lounge where you can actually rest and sleep while waiting for your flight. There are many food options (in terms of fast food and many food court chains, cafes ) as well so you won't go hungry. I was actually contemplating if I should go out of the airport and go for a day tour, but I didn't eventually because I was quite kia-su that I'll miss my flight XD

Finally some authentic bibimbap! Super yummy and generous (for like SGD10) ??

I also tried their gyoza, not as good as I expected but it still taste pleasant.

A view of the sun-set while on the plane to Niigata, my flight at Korea was 6PM hence to fly to Japan it was around a 2 hours flight.

Tokyu Inn Hotel (2 Single Beds for my roommate and I)

Ambience of the room:
Comfortable and cozy, despite a little small.

Strong WIFI-Access in ALL ROOMS and ALL LEVELS.
The toliet reminds me of an airplane toliet capsule (with bathtub)
Laundry Facilities / Vending Machine provided

Very good as it is directly opposite a bus terminal (very accessible to all places such as shopping malls, convenience stores, small eateries, pubs, clubs, supermarkets.)


7-11 convenience store was directly below my hotel! How convenient if I'm feeling hungry I could just go down and get some food! Japanese convenience stores are like a paradise for me filled with sandwiches, bento sets (if you are feeling hungry, wide instant cup noodles selection). I was worn out from transiting at the airport for so many hours and was feeling a little hungry thus I decided to buy some snacks to fill my hungry stomach!

Went out for late supper after settling down, thank god to have my junior that knows how to read Japanese because the menu had no images or any icons that represent food! We decided to head to a Yakitori Restaurant that was near-by our hotel. (3 mins walking distance)

Not gonna review on this thus I'll just be posting pics of them!

I'm gonna end off my blogpost here, I will continue this blogpost in part 2! For my next blogpost, I will be going in-depth for the food that I ate in Japan and also about a short tour around Niigata by some friendly citizens that speaks fluent english! Can't wait to share them with you! So till next time, thanks for reading! 

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