November 12, 2014

My experience at Coco Ichibanya (Bugis+)

Received an invitation to attend a food tasting session at Coco Ichibanya. I have visited this restaurant several times with my clique and we absolutely love this place! (Please do note that this IS NOT a biased review even if it's a food tasting session, opinions written on this blogpost will all be based on my own satisfaction.) The brand name is no stranger to anyone in Japan because they have expanded many outlets overseas (Taiwan, Bangkok, Indonesia etc). One thing they specialise in is serving Japanese Curry (first thing that come into your mind must be chilli and spiciness right?) That'a what I thought so too, if you know me well, I don't take spicy food at all. Hence, when the first time I tried this place, I was quite doubtful and even persuaded my friends to eat at another place. It was until I found out that they actually have a level system that allows you to select the level of spiciness you want for your curry rice. Thus, you will get to choose according to your own preference.

It has been so long since I last met Maria, so I asked her to come along with me! 

Entrance of Coco Ichibanya (located near the backdoor of Bugis+, near the taxi stand) 

There are sofa seats available that could fit a family size. 

Like what I mentioned previously, you can select the level of spiciness you want from mild level all the way to crazy hot at level 5. I actually picked the standard one because I was told that the mild one has not kicked at all but it's more suitable for kids! Thus this is a plus point that I like! 

After choosing your mains, you can decide if you want to complete it with a full meal. 

Mini-sized Salad

The dressing looks pretty appealing to me and the portion served was quite decent and enough for one person! I love the mini Japanese cucumbers!! 

Hashed Beef Omu Rice

Spicy Level Selected: NIL  

If you want to opt for totally non-spiciness curry rice, you can select the Hash Beef Omu Rice (this is also the dish that I usually order when I come here). It's basically rice wrapped with creamy egg omelette topped with sweet sauce. The flavour of the sauce is very unique because of it's sweetness and it tasted more like a tomato based to me (though I do not know what it is). This dish is served with hearty portions of juicy sliced beef and topped with some sort of creamy sauce over the sweet brown sauce! I would recommend this dish to kids that don't take spicy food. In conclusion, I personally feel that it's the taste that makes me come back for more and order the same thing everything I visit Coco.

Iced Milked Tea

The iced tea comes with sugar syrup and milk so you can decide how much portion you want to add in for your drink.

 Salmon Cream Croquette with Mushroom

Spicy Level Selected: Hot 

The salmon croquette wasn't at all greasy and you can see the crispy layer in it's exterior. I couldn't really taste the creamy part maybe it's because of the curry with mushroom that over-empowered the taste of the entire dish. Surprisingly level 2, is alright for me as long as there's water for me. For portion was, was pretty decent and enough to fill your tummy. Maria said she would be willing to try level 4 or 5 next time. So for curry lovers, if you are up for the challenge to take on your endurance for spicy food. You are most welcome to visit Coco Ichibanya! 

We ordered the chicken wings as a side-dish to add on to our dishes. The wings were marinated well and the meat was juicy and delicious! The crust in it's exterior was covered with bits of sesame seeds.

Ice Cream with Waffle Snack and Jelly

If you ordered with the set-meal, it will also come with ice cream. 

Coco Ichibanya (Bugis Outlet)
201 Victoria Street 
#01-10, Bugis+ 
Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sat - Sun & PH: 10:00am - 11:00pm
*This was an invited food tasting session

For more information you wish may to visit:

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