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Top 10 Cheap and Affordable Places for Students to eat in Singapore

Most of the time during lecture, my friends and I would be in class whatsapping each other in our own personal group chat discussing about what should we eat after school. (Don't bluff, I bet you done it before too). Usually, we will not be able to think of a location to settle down hence we will end up searching online. Over the entire year, my clique and I have been hopping around places to find the best spot to eat and I have successfully list up some of my top places that we usually will hang out after school. Of course, being students (if you work or not work part-time), we will always be on budget constraint and do not want to spend a lot in a meal. After months of exploration, I would like to recommend some places (you might have been too or might not) that you will probably want to visit with your friends one day!

What we usually look out for:
1. Places you can sit and chit-chat for more than 1 hour
2. Pocket-friendly prices (preferably below $25, ranging from $5.50 - $20)
3. Near to MRT-Google Maps - Findable
4. NETT Pricing if possible

Ranking from 1 - 10 is not in order!! 

#1 - Tian Tian Huo Guo (天天火锅)

Feeling hungry after clubbing at Zouk? Right! You probably have been too or heard of Tian Tian Huo Guo because they have been operating for quite awhile already. I only recently discovered this place only. (I'm a cave-man I know). Personally, the food isn't that fantastic with very little variety, however it's worth the money you pay for. It's buffet style with free-flow of meat and drinks. I recommend you to try their beef steak and pork belly. After dinner can walk over opposite to have dessert at Ah Chew Dessert Place (Best Durian Sago yummy)!! They are open for both lunch and dinner timings!

Wallet Damage: $22 (used to be $16)
NETT Pricing: Yes
Nearest MRT: Bugis MRT Station
Food: 5.5/10 (Worth it for the price you pay)
Satisfying level: 8/10

Wallet Damage:
101 Building, 101 Beach Road Singapore 189703
Opening Hours:12:00pm – 5:00am, Everyday

#2 - Eighteen Chefs 

Still remembering the days when Eighteen Chefs was located at East Point (Simei) used to visit there when I was in Secondary School. Good news because they are coming back in December 2014! Did you know that Eighteen Chefs offers student value meal at such an affordable price? It's also halal certificated thus you can come with your malay friends! I recommend the double-baked Cheese Fries. The student set meal comes with a baked rice (Which you can DIY you own, e.g. Choose your own sauce base, and ingredients), a cup of iced lemon tea, and also free-ice cream! You can add on an additional money to trade up for a waffle (you can see the photo above).

Wallet Damage: <$10
NETT Pricing: Yes
Food: 7/10
Satisfying level: 7.5/10

Serangoon (Nex), Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, The Cathay, Tiong Bahru Plaza,

#3 - City Plaza Food Court (Thai Cuisine Stall)

Thai-food is always expensive in Singapore (and you can easily spend more than $15 per person) by just ordering a few dishes. I found this hidden treasure recommended by one of my classmates, it is not a restaurant but it's located the the top level of City Plaza Shopping Mall's Food Court. I heard the food court also sells very delicious ban bian. To find the thai-food stall, walk all the way to the end after you arrive at the entrance of the food-court. The prices of the dishes are relatively affordable and pocket-friendly raging from $4.50 - $10.00.  I highly recommend the red-base tom yum seafood! It is served with generous amount of ingredients and super yummy too! For spicy eaters, you are gonna love it! They also sell phad thai and also their basil pork rice with fried egg! Yummy! If you are looking for authentic thai food, you cannot miss this one out!

Wallet Damage: <$10
NETT Pricing: Yes
Food: 9/10
Satisfying level: 10/10

City Plaza Shopping Mall (Food Court)
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar MRT

#4 - Itacho Sushi Restaurant (Japanese Cuisine)

Sushi only for $0.40?! *Depending on the promotion

Sake Don (Salmon Madness)

Craving for Japanese food during lunch-time?! Then you should give Itacho Sushi a try! They have a lunch time promotion with prices from $9.90 onwards, with limited sushi offer as cheap at $0.40! If you are a lover for bento sets and looking for no-frills authentic Japanese food, then this might be the right place for you to dine with your friends! They have recently expanded more outlets in Singapore! Do check them out! The prices here are really reasonable and good. An average waiting time during lunch hours would be around 10-15mins! I would highly recommend this restaurant to you guys. Working adults can also consider this option too!!!

Wallet Damage: <$15
NETT Pricing: No
Food: 8/10
Satisfying level: 8/10

Tampines Mall (Newest Branch)
Changi Airport
Orchard ION
Plaza Singapura
The Star Vista
Bedok Mall
Bugis Junction

#5 - Saizeriya Ristorante (Italian Cuisine)

How can we not miss out Saizeriya? This place has been frequent by many students (Especially those on budget). Mainly because the food is inexpensive and they serve the food extremely fast. Plus points for being efficient, however if you did not know... the food is actually pre-made (means they will just heat it up before they serve). However, it doesn't really matter to us because where can you find pasta at only $3.90?! They recently just opened a new outlet at Orchard Central! This definitely is one of the cheapest dining option you can find in town area. Again, the food may not be that fantastic but it will still meet our satisfactory level.

Wallet Damage: <$10
NETT Pricing: Yes
Food: 5/10
Satisfying level: 6/10

The Cathay (Basement)
Orchard Central (Basement)

#6 - IKEA Restaurant 

I'm sharing with you guys one of my favourite places to have my meal. I will visit IKEA to just have their food every one, twice or even more in every 2 weeks. Mainly, it is because it is really near my house and convenient to reach there. IKEA is famous for their meatballs so how could you miss out that! With affordable prices like $5.50 for 10 piece meatballs, organic pasta from $2.90 onwards. $1 for the soft drink (free-flow some more). What more can you ask for? You will only end up spending less than $15 per person at most! The meal is definitely satisfying! Unless you are not an IKEA lover!   The only trouble is finding seats during lunch & dinner time, so be prepared to search for seats!

Wallet Damage: <$10
NETT Pricing: Yes
Food: 8/10
Satisfying level: 8/10

IKEA Tampines
IKEA Alexandra

I even buy it for take-aways too! Lol!

#7 - Yum Cha Dim Sum Buffet (Chinatown)

So just happen you ended your class at 230PM, and can't decide what to eat but feeling very hungry.
Why not have Dim Sum with your friends (unlimited free-flow of liu sha pau) !! The dim sum buffet is only available on weekdays from 3PM - 6PM! Super great value because you can order as much as you one! Perfect for group gatherings and late-lunch with your friends after school.

Wallet Damage: $25+
NETT Pricing: No
Food: 8/10
Satisfying level: 7.2/10

20 Trengganu St, Singapore 058479
Operating Hours: 9AM - 11PM 

#8 - Astons 

Everyone's favourite place to eat at! Astons is relatively affordable as it does not cost a bomb for a meal here, they do not charge GST nor service charge! They recently just changed their system, now you have to pay at the counter before you enter at the restaurant. A simple chargrill chicken would cost you only $7.90 (some higher because is Astons Specialities). When you select a type of chicken/fish you will be able to get 2 side dishes of your choice. (Mac & Cheese, Baked Potato, Garden Salad, Mashed Potato, Onion Rings and many more.) Dining at Astons has become a weekly need for my friends and I! Thumbs up if you come to astons to eat too!

Wallet Damage: <$12
NETT Pricing: Yes
Food: 7/10
Satisfying level: 7/10

Many outlets in Singapore!

#9 - Yoshinoya 

Simply flash your student Ez-link card to enjoy their student promotion! I love Yoshinoya because rice  bowls are always very filling and worth the money. You can even add toppings now (added the tamago egg) onto my beef bowl!

Wallet Damage: <$8
NETT Pricing: Yes
Food: 7.5/10
Satisfying level: 8/10

Many outlets in Singapore!

#10 - FIX Cafe (Toa Payoh)

I made my way down to FIX Cafe a while back with one of my friend! Honestly, I had the mind-set that I was going to spend a lot of money on that day but I'm surprised that the prices of the food are relatively affordable! What's more it's all NETT Pricing! The mains will not cost you more than $12.00! On top of that, you can just add $2 to complete it with a drink! The sides you can eventually share among your friends so it will be cheaper!

Wallet Damage: <$15
NETT Pricing: Yes
Food: 8/10
Satisfying level: 8/10

31 Ah Hood Road,  HomeTeamNS-JOM
Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh


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