June 4, 2015

Taipei Day 2: Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

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After spending a day and a half at Taipei Zoo, we decided to head back to our apartment to rest before heading out to Taipei's most famous night hotspot, Shilin Night Market. Compared to my last time there, the vibes went down a little and I didn't feel excited at all but my main objective of going there was to try out the street food and also do a little shopping for souvenirs. 

Krystal and I decided to #YOLO, and we regretted because it was TOO cold. Please remember to wear thicker clothes if you are travelling to Taiwan in between December to February.  To get to Shilin Night Market you will need to take a train to Jiantan Station. The night market is pretty prominent, hence if you walk out of the station, it would only take you less than 5 minutes to reach your destination. (See the pic above, you will see a building with a large billboard poster, that's the entrance of the market. If you are lost, just ask the people around there, Taiwanese are very nice! Preferred time to visit Shilin Night Market is around after 7PM! The whole place is quite big and it would take quite awhile to explore the whole entire place. Hence you might want to consider to take a cab back if you happen to miss the train after that. Oh yeah! I came there with an empty stomach, so I was ready to have all the street food as my dinner hahaha! 

Taiwanese Crispy Fried Chicken

I somehow feel so unsatisfied with this shot! 

I saw this at Ximending too! I felt that it was a little salty for me. Didn't bother to take a photo of the cooked beef because it was a blur shot! Hahaha! 

Fried Oyster Omelette without sauce!  

Fried Oyster Omelette with sauce!  

Conquering my weakness, smelly tofu! It isn't that bad actually! Just the pungent smell of it!

Any sweet treats for you? Yummy donuts! 

Mango Shaved Ice (It's not any regular shaved ice but the ice is made up of creamy milk) Surprisingly, I like it a lot!! 

Fruit Stall

There are a few areas where you can shop for clothes, phone accessories and shoes etc! Kinda resembles a Pasar-Malam and Bugis street vibe! 

We visited the Shilin Underground Food Street (Food court) and we saw even more eateries! 

Settled down at one of the food stalls to have seafood!

I swear the orh-jian looks so good right!

Fried Sotong 

Mussels with sweet sauce! 

I can't express how much I love steamed dumplings! 

Q: Is one day enough to shop at Shilin Night Market? 

A: It actually depends on you, I went on a weekday, hence I could finish walking the entire market within 2 - 3 hours. When I was here two years ago, one night wasn't enough for me! The street stalls will only start to set up after 6 when the sun sets! 

Q: Will I get lost at Shilin Night Market? 

A: Hahaha, yes you will kinda! I got confused with the signs and there were too many people. Hence if you are going in a group, do stay together! 

Q: What to except or do at Ximending?

A: I guess most of the time, it's just food and shopping! Hope it helps! 

Read Day 1 of my Taipei Trip (Ximending):

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  1. Hi there! thanks for the sharing of your experience at taiwan! I enjoyed reading alot! Anyway can i know if you will be also posting the rest of your trip here as i will be travelling to taiwan on this yr Sep :) Thanks!