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My experience at Gills N Shells (Lavender)

I was invited for a food tasting session at Gills N Shells not long ago to try out their new dishes. Gills N Shells is a restaurant/drinking place that is inspired by the ocean. The restaurant specialises in seafood, thus they offer a vary of seafood dishes. They are dedicated to serve quality food with the best quality. Gills N Shells is easily accessible as they are located just behind Hotel Boss facing the river. The nearest train station is at Lavender MRT Station, thus it will only take a 5 minutes walk to get to this restaurant. 

Entrance of Gills N Shells 

Gills N Shells recently launched their seafood platter served in a dim sum basket. As mentioned, there is a variety of seafood choices you can select from. However, there is a minimum order of three seafood choices. If you are an adventurous person or you can eat a lot, you may wish to order the All-in-A Basket Special. It comes along with all the seafood listed in the menu. 

Drinks menu with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages selection. I was recommended to try their smoothies. 

Oyster Shooter 

Price: SGD$9.90/shot

Please do note that the oyster shooter contains alcohol. The shot is made up of vodka, lime juice and mini shucked oysters. With regards to drinking shots, you will need to finish it at one go, I supposed that is why it's called shots right? The vodka taste was minimal, oysters tasted fresh and I enjoyed it because it was very refreshing for me. I was researching online and I discovered that oyster shots are well received in the western countries because they are easy to prepare and delicious! If you are an adventurous person, I would recommend you to try the oyster shot for yourself! I will make ensure that you did not regret your decision! 

Fried Salmon Skills 

Price: SGD$9.90 

The fried salmon skin is accompanied with wasabi mayonnaise sauce. The texture of the salmon skin was crispy in the outside and was moderately oily. I felt that pairing the wasabi mayonnaise with the fish skin was a good choice as it complements well with each other. For taste wise, it was well-balanced and did not tasted very bland when eaten together with the wasabi sauce. There was also a slight kick of spiciness due to the chilli powder. 

"Hae Bee Hiam" Pasta with Soft Shell Crab

Price: SGD$18.90 

I admire the fact that Gills N Shell had attempted a fusion of western cuisine with local Singaporean food. It turns out to be my favourite dish of the entire tasting session! The closest one I had was when my mum cooked instant noodles with lots of hae bee hiam in it! Let's begin from portion size, I felt that it can be shared amongst two people. Moving on, the soft-shell was crispy and did not produced any "fishy" smell when eaten. The linguine was very flavourful and it got my tastebuds tantalising! A western dish with a local appeal, what an interesting concept! I can't wait to try it again next time! 

Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs

Price: SGD$16.90 

I always go for frog leg porridge but I've never eaten frog legs served in a Korean-style before. I was told that the frog legs are directly brought over from Vietnam, how exclusive! For taste wise, if you like a zesty sour taste, you will definitely enjoy this dish. For every moment, I kept forgetting that I was actually eating was frog legs, I kept mistaken it as chicken wings to me. All in all, I felt that the sourness can actually be tone down a little. 

All-in-one Seafood Basket

Price: SGD$128.00 (Now $88 Promo) 

The all-in-one seafood basket consists of snow crab leg, clams, oysters, baby vegetables, mussels, scallops, Boston lobster, prawns and salmon fillet. In addition, it also comes along with a few of their house sauces such as Wasabi Mayo, Zesty Lim Green Chilli Sauce, Thai sweet garlic and Garlic Mayonnaise. Let's begin from portion size, I felt that it can be shared amongst 4-5 people, as for myself it was too much for me! However, if you are coming in a pair, I would suggest you to get order the a-la-carte seafood instead becuase I do not think that you and your partner can finish it all by yourselves. Amongst the sauces, my favourite was zesty lim green chilli sauce and also their wasabi mayo (the same from the fried salmon skin). At the moment, they are currently have an on-going promotion, thus if you are interested you can make a reservation ASAP with them before the promotion ends! I would urge you to call them to enquire the availability of the seafood before coming down to prevent any disappointment!

Gills N Shells
500 Jalan Sultan 
Behind Hotel Boss
Singapore 199020 
Telephone: 6493 2238
Nearest MRT Station: Lavender MRT Station 
*This was an invited food tasting session.

For more information please visit:


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